Richmond visit MBPH

09 Feb 2024

A WAVE or yellow and black crashed into Mildura yesterday as the Richmond Football Club arrived in town. 
As part or their 2024 AFL Community Camp, the Tigers are over two days visiting schools, clubs and community organisations, including the Mildura Base Public Hospital. 
Richmond midfielder Thomson Dow was among the visiting players and said it felt like familiar territory having grown up just up the river in Swan Hill. 
"I know I don't spend a lot or time here, but it's funny, even coming here in the last few hours, there are a lot or familiar faces I'm seeing, which is always nice to get that local feel that I do get when I go home to Swan Hill," he said. 
Giving back to the community is something Dow said the football club was very passionate about. 
"The fans give us that energy that we need, so when we get the opportunity to give that back, we will jump at that," he said. 
"We've got our small community at Richmond, and then it also expands to the whole fan base - everyone is from somewhere, everyone has a community that they are representing. 
"We don't necessarily get to go back to each of our own communities, but to come to a specific one like Mildura is really nice".
Hospital chief executive officer Terry Welch said it created "a beautiful vibe and energy" to have the footballers at the hospital interacting with staff and patients. Footy is community- I am a huge believer in that, and I love footy for that reason," he said. 
"You can see how these are elite players happily connecting with members or the community and vice versa". 
"I couldn't be happier for the community to be able to have the opportunity to meet the Richmond Football Club and, vice versa, the Richmond Football Club coming and seeing how we operate, and I know they have really enjoyed their time with us."