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Visitor Informations

Day Surgery Procedures

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Patients having day surgery may have 1 support person stay with them in the waiting area.  

A second person may be considered to accompany the patient in certain circumstances on an individual basis (ie. small child)

Dialysis and Chemotherapy Unit

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Patients undergoing treatment in these areas may have 1 support person attend with them.

A second person may be considered to accompany the patient in certain circumstances on an individual basis.  

Emergency Department Short Stay Unit (SSU)

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1 (one) person at any one time may accompany the patient while waiting to be seen and within the Department.  
A second person may be considered to accompany the patient in certain circumstances on an individual basis.

Masks must be worn by visitors regardless of vaccination status, masks are recommended for all visitors in ED/SSU as this is an extreme risk area.
Masks will be made available to visitors and patients. 

Intensive Care Unit

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ICU remains limited to 2 visitors at any one time due to room size.

Maternity Services

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Partner and siblings of mother and newborn may visit from 0800 to 2000 hoursdaily EXCLUDING rest time 1330 to 1530 hours.

Plus 2 visitors at any one time, between 1530 and 2000 hours.

Two support people for birth suite

One support person is able to be with patients requiring care in the MAU.

Outpatients Clinics

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Outpatients Clinics
(including Fracture, Wound, Specialist Appointments, etc)
Pathology and Medical Imaging (xray)

One person may accompany the patient while waiting and attending their appointment (due to small size of waiting rooms)

No children are to attend the Specialist Clinic unless they have their own appointment.

A second person may be considered to accompany the patient in certain circumstances on an individual basis. 

Wards 2, 3, 4 and 6

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2 visitors at any time (within visiting hours).

Palliative Care, Life Threatening Situations, Unstable or Deteriorating Patients

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In these exceptional circumstances, the following conditions apply:

  • No limits on the number of visitors in a 24hour period. 
  • No limits on duration of visit

In these situations, we will work with families and loved ones to determine the best visitation for them and the health service.

Special Care Nursery

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Parents/primary carers are welcome at any time, 24 hours a day.

Siblings of patient 0800 to 2000 hours daily, EXCLUDING rest period 1330 to 1530 hours.

Two visitors per patient at any one time in SCN. 

Visiting Hours

Visitors are welcome

If you are an immediate family member of a critically ill patient and wish to visit outside of these hours, please speak with the nurse in charge.

Visiting Hours

10.00am – 1.00pm
3.30pm – 8.00pm

1.00pm – 3.30pm is a designated rest period for patients to promote patient rest and healing.

Please note:

Visitor restrictions apply to some areas, please see relevant information for each department on the left
Any visits outside of these hours will be considered on an individual basis in exceptional circumstances.

As Health Services remain a high risk setting, the safety of our patients, visitors and staff remains a priority.  To assist with this, we ask that the public are considerate of our screening processes and restrictions.  We ask that members of the community think carefully about their need to visit MBPH and keep time on site to a minimum.

Hospital Map

For directions to wards, patients or any questions about finding your way around the hospital premises, please visit our friendly staff at reception, or give them a call on (03) 5022 3333.

Visitor Parking

Pick-up and Drop-off Zone

A 15 minute pickup and drop off zone at the hospital’s main entrance to support with patient arrivals and discharges.

General Parking

Various car parks are located at key access points to the hospital – please note some have a two hour limit.

Disabled Parking

Located close to the hospital’s main entrance.

Long Term Parking

Located at the car park opposite the hospital, across Ontario Avenue.

Public Transport


A bus stop is located in close proximity to the hospital’s main entrance, with services stopping at key locations throughout the city including the Mildura Railway station.

Public Transport


A ‘Taxi Phone’ service with a direct link to the local taxi service is available in the front foyer .
For those arriving from other major cities or regional locations, Mildura is accessible by car, bus, train and plane depending on the departure location.

Your Stay


Various accommodation options are available in Mildura, including hotels, motels and apartments.
Indulge Apartments is located across the road from the Mildura Base Public Hospital, with bookings available via their website.

Your Stay


There are plenty of great restaurants, bars and cafes located in Mildura and in close proximity to the hospital.

For visitors to the region, there are many activities and experiences to enjoy during your time here.

Mildura Base Public Hospital

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