Junior doctor pathways

    “The hospital is very supportive… a lot of one on one contact with consultants”

    “Coming originally as a locum and decided to stay because of the community here”

    “Initially took a bit of a chance…  somewhere to build a home”


    Our internship programme is highly regarded for its hands-on experience and excellent consultant contact time, with formal tutorial sessions weekly and numerous opportunities for informal teaching (face-to-face)

    The hospital and senior staff have a strong philosophy of supporting the career development of junior doctors. Many interns stay on as PGY2 and are well-regarded when they pursue subsequent vocational training programs and positions.

    There will be five intern positions at Mildura Base Public Hospital in 2021. Each intern will complete five rotations including three core rotations.

    Internal rotations available include
    We have several pathways for internships

    Our interns gain high-quality clinical experience by working across multiple specialty areas throughout the hospital.

    Rotations are available in emergency medicine, general medicine, general surgery, psychiatry and orthopaedics. These placements occur over five terms.

    An example of a rotation allocation has been provided.

    If you want to work at Mildura Base Public Hospital during your internship, you can apply via the PMCV allocation/placement service ( or directly to Mildura Base Public Hospital.

    PMCV administers the allocation and placement services on behalf of the Victorian hospitals who offer intern positions to candidates applying for these positions.

    In your VIC intern application you will be asked to preference the hospital where you would like to undertake your internship.

    Simply select Mildura Base Public Hospital as your first preference when choosing your hospital.

    MBPH-PHS has five places to offer in 2021.

    Our program has been developed over many years with considerable focus on offering interns broad exposure during their training to a diverse case-mix.

    The Mildura Base Public Hospital has developed strong working relationships with local health providers, which provide:

    • A welcoming environment and comprehensive orientation
    • Broad case mix with great learning opportunities
    • Strong supervision and teaching
    • As a part of the intern year, you will be allocated to five rotations over five terms.

    You will have access to four weeks annual leave which is planned in conjunction with allocation requests and rotation requirements to ensure completion of internship.

    We will encourage you to become actively involved with learning opportunities onsite or within the network, including presentations, simulation training, committees, audits and research.

    • Five weeks annual leave per year (for full-time employees)
    • Personal development leave as outlined in the relevant Enterprise Agreement
    • Accommodation at reduced rates
    • Teaching time with approachable and skilled senior doctors
    • Supportive Post Graduate Medical Education – we look after our interns and provide education, support, mentoring and more.
    • Doctor well-being program and a 24-hour hotline where you can speak to an experienced and approachable senior consultant any time of the day or night
    • Assistance with relocation
    • Free onsite parking at MBPH
    • Orientation week involving shadow exiting interns and enabling completion of mandatory eLearning
    • Access to Employee Assistance Program

    We offer fantastic ongoing employment opportunities after you finish your internship and receive your general registration.

    If you are eligible to apply for an intern position, you must first submit an application to the PMCV.  You can then apply directly to our Health Service.  All applications must be submitted via email to

    Useful Links

    Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV)

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    Find out about our facilities and clinical profiles

    Junior doctor pathways

    Testimonial – Dr Mikhar Haripersad

    I have spent the best part of a year in Mildura and I can honestly say it has made me a better person.

    Living away from home, I have found a second family in this not so little town. The support I have received from the ground up has allowed me to feel secure and valued as part of the Mildura team, and subsequently given me the confidence to take strides forward in progressing as a junior doctor.


    At Mildura Base Public Hospital, you’ll gain great experience across a wide range of specialties with a varied case mix, be surrounded by supportive consultants and have easy access to protected teaching time all within a great team environment and awesome culture.
    Additional education sessions:

    • Grand Grounds
    • Unit Meetings / Journal Club
    • Clinical Skills Tutorial Sessions
    • Mandatory Core Competencies

    MBPH will have 10 HMO positions available in 2021 – consisting of PGY2 and PGY3 doctors.

    You are able to apply for a range of rotations, including:

    • General Medicine
    • General Surgery
    • Emergency
    • ICU/Critical Care
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    • Paediatrics


    There are a variety of positions available which include MBPH positions, college appointed positions and rotations from parent health services such as Flinders, Alfred, and Peninsula Health. 

    MBPH is accredited for training in:

    • General Medical (RACP BPT Year 1)
    • General Medicine (RACP APT – Advanced Medicine Trainee)
    • Mental Health (RANZCP Specialist Training Program)
    • Emergency Medicine (ACEM)

    MBPH also welcomes provisional registrars (for those not yet college training programs) in:

    • General Medicine
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    • Anaesthetics
    • Intensive Care

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    Please contact us if you have any additional questions about Mildura Base Public Hospital’s services.