When you leave

    Discharge from Hospital

    For your safety, you are required to have a carer (family member, friend etc.) to assist you with transport and support when you arrive home following your stay. Please inform nursing staff prior to your surgery if alternative transport options are required (i.e. if no carers are able to assist in your transport or care). Before you leave, please ensure you have all your personal belongings returned to you, any required medications, medical certificates (if required), and details around follow-up appointments.

    Self-discharging from hospital

    Patients self-discharging will be asked to sign a “disclaimer” as the responsibility rests entirely with you. Except in certain cases, patients have the right to leave hospital as and when they choose.

    Transport home

    Patients will need to make their own arrangements for transport home. Please refer to our ‘Visitors’ page for more information on parking and alternative transport. Please make sure you have also read our discharging form the Hospital sections before planning your departure.

    When you leave


    Mildura Base Public Hospital

    Ontario Avenue
    VIC 3500
    PO Box 620 Mildura VIC 3502

    The Mildura Base Public Hospital is located in Mildura, in the far north-west corner of Victoria, alongside the banks of the Murray River and the New South Wales border.
    You will find Mildura around 400 kilometres from Adelaide and around 600 kilometres from Melbourne.

    For details on travelling to the hospital, please see our 'Visitors' section.

    Get in touch

    If you have any additional questions about Mildura Base Public Hospital's services, please contact us.