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    Patient comfort and protection

    Patient comfort and protection

    One of the most effective ways of preventing infection in the hospital is hand washing or using the antiseptic hand rubs located throughout the hospital. Patients can assist in preventing the spread of infections by regular hand washing and use of antiseptic rubs. Visitors are strongly encouraged to clean their hands on arrival and after visiting you in hospital.

    Other than for for medical reasons, people who have signs or symptoms of communicable illness (runny nose, sore throat etc.) should not visit patients at Mildura Base Public Hospital.

    Please respect other patients and keep conversations and noise levels (music, media etc.) to a minimum. Use of head phones for personal electronic devices is strongly encouraged.

    Government regulations prohibit smoking in public buildings and within three meters of doorways. As health service providers, we encourage you not to smoke during your stay in hospital. For further information around the benefits of quitting, please speak to your care team.

    Please consult with staff before leaving the ward area. Unless special arrangements have been made with your care team, you must remain within the hospital premises until discharge.

    You are requested not to bring valuables or large amounts of cash into hospital. If this is unavoidable, valuables will be placed in a ‘Patient’s Property Envelope’ and stored on the ward for safekeeping.

    No responsibility will be accepted for the loss of valuables retained in the ward. In addition, no responsibility will be accepted to damage to a patient’s personal clothing or items removed in the course of emergency treatment.

    Every person at Mildura Base Public Hospital has a right to personal safety. Inappropriate and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

    Mobile phones are permitted in most areas of the hospital. Mildura Base Public Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.

    Administrative matters

    Administrative matters

    Mildura Base Public Hospital is a public hospital, however you may elect to utilise your private health insurance. Our Private Patient Liaison Officer is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your admission.

    Please alert your treating team if you will require a medical certificate to cover the time you are at hospital and during the recovery period if needed. It is best to flag this well before your discharge, to ensure availability of medical staff to complete the medical certificate.

    Additional medical attention

    Ward rounds will occur each day, with times varying depending on the doctor’s schedule. Patients are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns they may have about their treatment during this time.

    Mildura Base Public Hospital is a teaching hospital and helps train future health care workers. Students are taught by the bedside by specialist staff, and as such may assist with examinations and assessments. This training is important to us, but if you prefer not to participate, please let us know.

    Information to support your stay

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