Clinical services

    Clinical services

    Mildura Base Hospital provides clinical services across a number of medical specialties. Our key clinical services include medicine and surgery, intensive care, emergency medicine, mental health services, women’s health and maternity and pediatrics.


    We provide a range of medical and surgical care to our patients. With 32 dedicated bed units, three operating theatres, a 16-bed day unit, dialysis chairs and chemotherapy, palliative care and rehabilitation units, we are well placed to care for the diverse needs of our patients. Services are provided by our Visiting Medical Officers, Registrars, Hospital Medical Officers, Interns and a range of highly qualified nursing and Allied Health professionals.


    Our Intensive Care Unit caters to critically ill patients, providing around-the-clock care. We have five dedicated beds for patients requiring Intensive Care, Coronary Care and High Dependency services. We also provide care for patients on ventilators and those requiring Telemetry.


    Our Emergency Department has 15 examination bays and contains a six-bed Short Stay Unit for those requiring short stay admissions. The department is fully equipped and staffed with a variety of clinical specialists and health care professionals to manage all presentations. Depending on your condition, after being assessed by our medical staff you may either require further monitoring in a short stay or hospital ward setting, or you may be able to be discharged. We encourage you to talk to your treating staff about your care pathway.


    Our hospital offers both inpatient and community based care for those requiring mental health services.

    Our clinical services include:

    • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
    • Aged Persons’ Mental Health Service (APMHS)
    • Adult Persons’ Mental Health Service (AMHS)
    • Acute Response Service (ARS)
    • Primary Mental Health and Early Intervention Service (PMH&EI)
    • Dual Diagnosis Service
    • 12-bed Inpatient Unit (IPU)

    Our Non-clinical services include:

    • Aboriginal Liaison Officer
    • Academic Unit
    • Education and Training
    • Carer Consultant
    • Consumer Consultants


    We offer a range of in-hospital obstetrics, gynecology and maternity services. We have comfortable single and shared accommodation as well as fully equipped birthing suites.

    To book an appointment to visit the unit, please call us on 03 5022 3480. Please note we often have wait times of around four weeks, so please contact us as early as possible.


    Please call us on 03 5022 3480 prior to coming to hospital and if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

    • Ruptured membranes (‘Water breaking”) or continuous leaking of fluid
    • Bright red bleeding
    • Regular contractions
    • Premature labour (if you are less than 37 weeks gestation)

    To maximise your comfort during your stay, we recommend bringing the following items when you present to hospital:

    For mum

    • Victorian Maternity Record
    • Personal toiletries (soap, creams needed, lip balm, deodorant, hairbrush, tooth brush and paste)
    • Maternity / sanitary pads
    • Comfortable clothes (both day wear and night attire)
    • Underwear (undies – several pairs needed after the birth)
    • Nursing bra and pads
    • Thongs or slippers
    • Snacks
    • Bag for laundry

    For baby

    • Natural fibres / woollen bunny rug
    • Hat
    • Cardigan
    • Singlets x4
    • Jumpsuit x4
    • Container with cotton buds and cotton wool balls 
    • Baby wipes
    • Newborn nappies
    • For formula fed babies a tin of your preferred formula, bottles and sterilising equipment
    • Appropriate bath solution or soap

    Admission times differ for each individual however you can generally expect to stay in hospital between 1-3 days after a vaginal birth, and 3-4 days following a caesarean birth.

    Midwifery services

    We have a number of midwifery services to support you during your pregnancy journey. We offer support services to mothers requiring assistance with breastfeeding, parenting, anxiety and stress and post-natal depression.

    Our Community Midwife Program provides care throughout pregnancy and following labour, while our Domiciliary Midwifery Service is available to assist with your transition back home.

    We also offer specific services for women 21 years and younger through our Young Women’s Service.

    For more information about any of our services please contact 03 5022 3480.


    Mildura Base Public Hospital provides services to pediatric patients in our paediatric unit and Special Care Nursery. We have 16 dedicated beds – ten in our paediatric ward and six in our Special Care Nursery.

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    If you have any additional questions about Mildura Base Public Hospital’s services, please contact us.