Clinical services

    Clinical services

    Mildura Base Public Hospital provides clinical services across a number of medical specialties. Our key clinical services include medicine & surgery, intensive care, emergency medicine, mental health, women’s health & maternity, paediatrics and aboriginal health services. 


    We provide a range of medical and surgical care to our patients. With 32 dedicated bed units, three operating theatres, a 16-bed day unit, dialysis chairs and chemotherapy, palliative care and rehabilitation units, we are well placed to care for the diverse needs of our patients. Services are provided by our Visiting Medical Officers, Registrars, Hospital Medical Officers, Interns and a range of highly qualified nursing and Allied Health professionals.


    Our Intensive Care Unit caters to critically ill patients, providing around-the-clock care. We have eight dedicated beds for patients requiring Intensive Care, Coronary Care and High Dependency services. We also provide care for patients on ventilators and those requiring Telemetry.


    Our Emergency Department has 18 examination bays and contains an eight-bed Short Stay Unit for those requiring short stay admissions. The department is fully equipped and staffed with a variety of clinical specialists and health care professionals to manage all presentations. Depending on your condition, after being assessed by our medical staff you may either require further monitoring in a short stay or hospital ward setting, or you may be able to be discharged. We encourage you to talk to your treating staff about your care pathway.


    Our Mental Health Service provides specialist public mental health services to the communities of the Northern Mallee region, across an area of 25,000 square kilometres.

    Whilst most services are physically located in Mildura, our service provides outreach programs to the smaller outlying rural communities.

    Our service offers both inpatient and community based care for those requiring mental health services. 

    To contact our Mental Health Services
    please call:  

    03 5022 3500


    1300 366 375



    Inpatient Unit
    The Service’s Inpatient Unit (Ward 5) is utilised for consumers with an acute episode of mental illness, which may include a multi-day inpatient stay. This Unit provides voluntary and compulsory short-term inpatient management and treatment during an acute phase of mental illness.

    Mental Health Triage Services
    Mental health triage is the process of initial assessment to determine a person’s need for mental health services and the nature and urgency of the required response. The Hospital offers mental health triage services to clients across all age groups

    Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) service
    This is a 10 bed psycho-social residential facility that supports people with a mental health diagnosis.  

    Adult Mental Health Services   
         * Acute Community Intervention Service and
         * Continuing Care Team

    Child and Youth Community Mental Health Services    
         * CAMHS and Schools Early Action (CASEA) program
         * Early Psychosis Program
         * Youth Early Intervention
         * Perinatal Emotional Health Program

    Aged Persons Mental Health Services

    Consumer, Carer Consultants and Peer Support Workers

    Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness (FaPMI) Program

    This service provides a range of services in a youth friendly environment where young people between the age of 12-25 years can go if they are having a tough time and are seeking information or support. 

    Dual Diagnosis Services

    Suicide Prevention Services  
         * HOPE (Hospital Outreach Post Suicidal Crisis Engagement Service)
         * Way Back Support Services


    Our Midwifery Unit is comprised of an 8 bed Antenatal / Postnatal Ward, a 3 bed Birth Suite, a 2 bed Midwifery Assessment Unit and a 4 bed Special Care Nursery. 

    We provide quality women centred maternity and neonatal care for women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate post birth period.  This care is provided by experienced Doctors, Midwives and Nurses in the Unit. 

    We also provide a Domiciliary and Lactation Home Visiting postnatal service staffed by highly experienced Midwives and Lactation Consultants. 


    It is important to contact the Midwifery Unit for advice on 5022 3480 before you come in if you are experiencing any of the following: 

    • Reduction in the baby’s movements
    • Sudden gush of fluid or a continual leakage of fluid from your vagina (ruptured membranes)
    • Bleeding from the vagina, no matter how small the amount
    • Regular painful contractions or abdominal cramping
    • Premature labour (regular contractions at less than 37 weeks gestation)
    • Persistent nausea and / or vomiting
    • Constant itching
    • Sudden swelling of hands, feet or face, visual disturbances, persistent headache, nausea
    • Fever
    • Burning sensation on urination / urinary problems of any kind
    • Increased vaginal discharge that is itchy / irritating
    • You are concerned, anxious or uncertain of what is happening

    Antenatal record / Victorian Maternity Record

    For Labour: 

    • Your completed birth preferences/plan (in your handheld VMR- orange book)
    • Clothes for labour – old t-shirt, warm socks, old knickers and tracksuit for afterwards
    • Own pillow (labelled) if desired
    • Heat wheat pack
    • Spray water bottle (non-aerosol) for cooling
    • Stress balls
    • Snacks including juices, fruit bars and jelly beans or lollies.
    • Thongs or slippers
    • Lip balm for dry lips
    • Camera/phone/music devise
    • Diffuser oils

    Support Person:

    • Bathers/shorts for shower and bath
    • Enclosed shoes needed in case you need to go to theatre as a support person
    • Coins for vending machine

    For Mum:

    • Personal toiletries (soap, creams, lip balm, deodorant, hairbrush, tooth brush and paste)
    • Front-opening or loose-fitting nighties or tops for breastfeeding
    • Maternity pads
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Night attire (dressing gown, slippers)
    • Underwear – several pairs needed after the birth
    • Nursing bra, nursing pads
    • Thongs or slippers (Footwear MUST be worn around the ward at all times)
    • Bag for laundry

    For Baby: 

    • Beanies
    • Singlets x4
    • Jumpsuits x4
    • Wraps
    • Baby wipes
    • Newborn nappies for while in hospital
    • If formula feeding, please bring bottles, formula and sterilizing equipment.
    • Infant car restraint fitted in your car (for day of discharge)

    For a normal birth your stay will be 24-48 hours if no complications.

    For a Caesarean birth your stay will be 48-72 hours if no complications.

    We encourage early discharge (>4 hours after the birth) for anyone who has had a normal birth with no complications. 

    Childbirth classes

    Antenatal Education

    The MBPH Childbirth Education Team is excited that our ‘Childbirth and Learning to Breastfeed and Caring for Your Baby’ classes are in a face-to-face format at Mildura Base Public Hospital.

    Cost of Childbirth Classes:

    There is no cost to accessing these sessions

    What is included in these classes?

    • Open discussion and opportunity for questions
    • The process of labour and what to expect
    • When to contact the hospital
    • Managing your labour including an introduction to active birth
    •  Caesarean Section
    • The role of the support person
    •  Physiotherapist presentation
    • Birth Suite Tour
    • And MUCH more.


    How to join the classes

    If you would like to participate, please notify us via email at for enrolments in:

    • Childbirth Education Classes, and/or
    • Learning to Breastfeed and Caring for Your Baby Class


    Please include your name, estimated due date and best contact number


    Please call Midwifery on 5022 3480 for any queries.  In the meantime, we offer the link to the Royal Women's Hospital (Melbourne) antenatal education – please remember, the phone numbers on this link are not for MBPH.


    Where to enter the hospital (all persons)

    6am – 10pm: Main front entrance for screening
    10pm – 6am: Birth Suite side entrance (Maternity patients only, all other patients to ED)

    Visiting Hours

    Please visit our Visitor (COVID-19 information) section for up to date information regarding visitors. 


    Mildura Base Public Hospital provides services to paediatric patients in our paediatric unit and Special Care Nursery. We have 16 dedicated beds – ten in our paediatric ward and six in our Special Care Nursery.

    Get in touch

    If you have any additional questions about Mildura Base Public Hospital's services, please contact us.